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The guiding premise for Wings to Soar is a belief that there is a good college match for every student and that the college admissions process is a family business decision.  Just getting into a college is not necessarily a victory; rather graduating from that college in a timely manner spells SUCCESS.


"All three of my children have used Diane Wilcox's college counseling services. Each of my children is very different from the other and Diane was quick to understand that and help guide them towards good choices. In addition to talking with my husband and me as needed during the process, she worked with my children one on one in narrowing the selection, helping with the essays and applications and finally assisting each submit the required paperwork. My children liked working with Diane and valued her input. She was just a phone call away when I needed guidance and was able to provide a historical overview of the process of college admissions that her many years in college counseling had taught her. Her wisdom and breadth of knowledge afforded my husband and me the proper distance from the very stressful admissions time during junior and senior years so that we were not always talking college or nagging our children at the dinner table. She is very up to speed on the current environment in admissions and gave us insights and insider information that we would not have had otherwise. Although our high school has a very good college counseling service, I thought it necessary to get additional input because the admissions process can be so daunting and our family needed lots of hand-holding. I very highly recommend Diane Wilcox's services."   

~Episcopal School of Dallas mother

"We can't thank Diane enough for all her support and encouragement.  Our son truly enjoyed his time with her and never saw it as a burden to come.  Diane gave him the support, confidence and tools to be successful in his application and essay submissions. We also appreciate her advice and encouragement she has given our kids so far with their high school academic/extracurricular choices.  Again, we have watched and listened on the initial visits with each (four more to go) of our kids as Diane got to know them by talking and listening to them.  She truly knew by listening their strengths and weaknesses.  Diane guided them to make choices that would better them not only academically, but socially through extracurricular choices that truly reflected the kind of people they really are inside."

~Highland Park High School parent

"Diane was invaluable to each of my three children during their college search process. She helped them develop strong application packages, narrow their college choices and manage the demanding application schedule. Throughout the process, my children enjoyed working with Diane and are very happy with their college choices."

~Hockaday and St. Mark’s parent

"Diane has been a tremendous benefit to our family for the college application process. Diane is someone my son respects.  She has a way of gently telling him when something is not right or needs additional work. He will listen to her without fighting or arguing as he tends to do with us.   My husband and I are amazed when we watch her at work with him.  She helped him get organized and easily meet his time line. The whole process took a major stress off of us."

~Highland Park High School parent

    Posted Jan 7, 2013, 1:12 PM by Diane Wilcox
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