About Us

Diane Wilcox

When leaving a nine year career as a guidance counselor at Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas to become a school administrator, Diane Wilcox felt the need to serve the high school clients she was leaving behind.  Wings to Soar was born in 1999 at that time.  With two degrees from Southern Methodist University including a M.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling, Diane is an active member of TACAC, NACAC, and the College Board and attends professional development conferences annually.  Participating in the Rice Institute for College Admissions sponsored by TACAC many years ago as well as attending the Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions in 2006 have enabled her to continually learn from admissions people in the field and network with other professionals who work with high school students.  She also visits college campuses regularly and has established relationships with admissions professionals across the country.

A quote from Diane sums it all up:  “This is a fun family process and with a little organization and long-range planning, every member of the family will enjoy it.”