Guidance Prep - 8th, 9th & 10th grade

Designed for middle school and high school students who want to ensure their academic and extracurricular programs lead to a successful college application process before the spring semester of the junior year. With his or her family, the student will create an action plan that covers course selection, recommendations for improved study methods, in school and summer activities and organization tools.

College Guidance - 11th & 12th grade

The search process involves conversations and discussions as well as research about what a student is seeking in a college experience and what fits their personality, learning style and budget.   Since the college process varies greatly in families, the services are priced hourly so that students and families can determine what they need and want.  Because Diane began her career as a high school college counselor, she works diligently to complement the expertise that students’ college counselors offer them. Some of the services provided by Wings to Soar include:

  • Guiding students through the application process
  • Creating a plan for each school year including standardized tests, coursework, extracurricular activities
  • Resume and essay writing editing
  • Identifying unique talents (i.e. art, music, athletics, writing) and special circumstances (learning differences, family situations)
  • Interview preparation
  • Naviance work
  • College application completion
  • Scholarship guidance